Book discount business class flights to China, where the culture is unlike anywhere else. You’ll be greeted with a wide array of sights to see such as a wall that has separated the country from other countries for many years. Plus, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to taste the local cuisine. The Great Wall of China is truly great. The wall was built back in 200 B.C. out of wood, brick, stone, earth and other materials that were easily accessible. The wall runs along the east-to-west line and was used to protect the Chinese territories against intruders from nomadic groups. You may walk along the wall. You may also take a guided tour of the wall to learn even more about the history of the area.

After you spend time comparing business & first class flights to China, you’ll be able to purchase, fly and reach your final destination of China, where you’ll able to go on tours. The Shopping Shanghai Day Tour. During this tour, you’ll get to venture throughout Shanghai–the most populated city in China and the entire world–to find the best shopping places. You’ll learn where to find the best deals and the highest quality products. You’ll be taken to a variety of places including eateries and hand-crafted porcelain shops.

The Museum of Qui Terra-cotta Warriors and Horse is the ultimate experience, especially for those who appreciate history. You get to take an imaginary stroll through ancient times in China. This is a mausoleum dedicated to a former emperor. Within the museum grounds are many bodies of soldiers. Make sure you leave at least two hours for the museum tour, so you get to experience everything. Cheap first class flights to China will take you to the country of this fine museum. You won’t regret visiting these displays.

When you purchase discounted first & business class flights to China–or should be say first or business class–you’ll save money and be able to visit more in the area. Before you’re even on your plane back, you’ll be wanting to plan your next trip.

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